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Following another year of being one of the UK`s most popular Film Transfer Specialists we are offering exclusive discounted prices across our whole range of Transfer services, so if you have your precious Film sitting around contact us today to discuss your Transfer requirements so you can take advantage of our current Special Offer Prices!

We specialise in the transfer of video to DVD. We can convert from any film type
to any digital media format you require, MPG, AVI and many more...

At Cine Film Factory, we help to protect and preserve your treasured memories and vintage video by transferring those special moments from home movies onto modern media such as DVD, MPG or FLV.

Whether its home movie video transfer, or an entire movie archive to video - whatever the format - whatever the media - we can help.

We have been in the business for over 20 years. We provide a tailor-mode service that is discreet and professional, sensitive and secure. Your film will be safe in our hands and we provide a timely transfer service.

"Hi Simon, The films and DVDs arrived safe and sound yesterday, great job I am a happy punter! All credit to you guys for your excellent service".

Dear The Cine Film Factory Team,
Thank you so much, I am delighted with DVD you made of the 3 films I sent you. I had no idea what was on them but having watched the DVD when I received it today I think one of the films must have been over 50 years old and the others 35+. I am amazed by the results and am so glad I sent them to you. They bring back lots of memories. Rachel Mackay (Scotland)

"Hi Simon, Films and DVD arrived this morning, fanstastic service, great quality of transfer of these old Beatles            8mm films to DVD, would reccomend your company to my friends in the future, for your services".
         Regards Mr Kurek.

Supported Film Formats

8mm Cine Film
16mm Cine Film
Super 8
Standard 8
Video 8
8mm Projector
And many more...


Film Transfer and Conversion

At Cine Film Factory, we can video transfer to DVD and carry out
the video conversion to DVD or any other media you wish.

The table to the left, shows many of the video formats that we can transfer or convert video from.

The table on the right shows the format of video that we can transfer and convert your video to.

We can cater for any requirement so if you don't see your film or video format listed here, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we can help.


Support Media Formats

DVD Video
And many more...

8mm film to DVD

16mm video transfer to DVDDigital film transfer to DVD

Digital media cine film transfer

Convert film to DVDDVD film transfer and conversion

~ All those homemade Cine Films, VHS-Videos and other vintage Video media ~

~ Those special family occasions ~

~ Treasured memories of a family holiday ~

~ Remembering the family in their younger years ~

~ Wonderful memories of friends & family no longer with you? ~

Take a moment and just think about some of those past memories, the faces, the places and the fun times had.

So many of those memories are difficult to get back once lost! Protect them now with our complete and professional film transfer service.

Video film transfer and conversion to DVD and digital media service

Transfer to DVDTransfer Film to DVDConvert Film to DVDTransfer cine film to DVD

Protect your film from deterioration


Given the now 20 / 30 / 40 year and more age of your 8mm & 16mm Cine Films it is important to save your film from deterioration and and we can help with the transfer to DVD. Depending upon the conditions in which the film has been stored, cine film and video tape can start to show their age and deteriorate with age. The changing of the seasons, the warmth and the cold, can all have a huge effect on the film and its overall condition and deterioration, especially if they've been in a box in the attic or cellar for years. We can preserve your film and protect those priceless and precious memories that might be gathering dust.

Transfer to DVD to protect them for future generations of your to enjoy.


~ If you don't act now - your memories could potentially be lost forever ~

~ For more information on the dreaded film fungal please read our Cine Film deterioration page ~



At The Cine Film Factory Can Transfer All Your Cine Films &
Video To DVD Video or Digital Video Files

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