We are extremely proud of our unique true High Definition 16mm Film Transfers. The Beauty of 16mm Film is this Media was regarded as a professional film type, therefore given the large frame size allows us to polish & re master to resolutions of 1080p currently which look wonderful on Modern HD Large TV screens.

We have built our own HD transfer Systems which we have patented with a future vision to sell our own system to other Companies, however for now though its only our Customers who benefit from what we regard to be the best results of your Films currently.

Our Professional & Private Customers agree that is why our service is so popular today. Samples of our videos in HD can be viewed below!

Following conversion of your 16mm Films we can transfer the digital video files to USB memory stick, external hard disk or DVD in the format you require. We can also supply external hard drives depending on the quantity of films for transfer in relation to the finished size. We can also create DVD chapters and menus with background music to your requirements.

We transfer all gauges of 16mm reel sizes

16mm silent – 16mm optical – 16mm magnetic

3”Inch Reel (50ft) Approx 2 mins 00 secs

5”Inch Reel (200ft) Approx 8 mins 00 secs

7”Inch Reel (400ft) Approx 15 mins 00 secs

9”Inch Reel (800ft) Approx 30 mins 00 secs

12”Inch Reel (1,200ft) Approx 45 mins 00 secs

13.5”Inch Reel (1,600ft) Approx 60 mins 00 secs

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Our work

Our 16mm High Definition Film Transfers

B&W 1920’s / 1930’s Wedding

B&W 1920’s / 1930’s Wedding

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B&W 1920’s / 1930’s Farming

B&W 1920’s / 1930’s Farming

View Project
B&W 1930’s India

B&W 1930’s India

View Project
1960’s Continental Divide

1960’s Continental Divide

View Project
1960’s Airport & Overseas

1960’s Airport & Overseas

View Project
1960’s Colorado

1960’s Colorado

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16mm Cine Film Transfer, video editing and transfer to DVD

The Beauty of 16mm Film is this was regarded as Professional Film tpy therefore given the frame size of 16mm we can really polish this through & transfer to High Definition 720p, 1080i or Blu Ray 1080p and if you have viewed our videos sure you will agree.

Depending on your project type for your 16mm after contacting us, you may feel that a standard definition transfer would suit your budget, then of course we can offer this too, however 16mm to HD looks amazing once we have worked our transfer Magic.

Understandably, many people no longer have working 16mm projectors. You may have precious recordings, or you may have found some old film and you’re not sure what’s on it.

Rather than pay high prices on auction sites for old un-calibrated projectors, which usually causes irreparable damage to your film, let us help. We have all the necessary equipment, properly calibrated systems and the ability to transfer the film to any media you wish.

We can convert from 16mm cine film and transfer to Blu Ray 1080p – 1080i,

Standard definition DVD-Video or USB flash media in MPEG, HD AVI, HD .MOV or HD  QuickTime video file format so you can edit yourself using your home computer, with a basic editing package.

If you find you have a large number of film reels to transfer, we recommend you purchase a large external drive. These are relatively cheap these days and serve not only as a storage device for the films that we convert for you, it can also function as external storage or a backup drive for your main computer.

We understand that you may not have the necessary 16mm projector or know what’s on your film, so by having the films converted to digital video files, you can then view, edit and record to DVD the film you want, how you want it.

We can advise on storage devices and software to help you get the most from video editing.

If you’re not confident with video editing, we can do it for you, as part of our complete video editing package.

We offer a complete service, reviewing the 16mm cine film to tranfer, recording to digital video, video editing and transfer to DVD. This includes background music of your choice, titles to appear at the start of each cine film chapter and we can also create animated movie thumbnail menus to make your final DVD look great.

More information can be found on our video editing page.

16mm Cine Film Transfer and Video Conversion Costs

We don’t list prices on our website because no one job is ever the same. We provide a personal service especially to you for your video to be preserved in the format you wish.

All prices include

Cine film inspection

Delicate manual cleaning of your film

16mm projector calibration checks

Film to digital conversion process

Manual adjustments of of lighting and contrast balance

Manual filtering and digital lighting exposure

Final digital video production

Animated menus

What your DVDs will look like

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We can transfer the digital video files to USB memory stick, external hard disk or DVD in the format you require. We can also create DVD chapters and menus with background music according to your specific requirements.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Email: transfer@cinefilmfactory.co.uk

Phone: 01903 690543