We have all the tools, equipment, software and expert knowledge to professionally transfer your home movies, cine films or film archive from film to DVD or any other media format.

We answer some of the more frequent questions.


Frequently asked questions

What Editing Can You Do?

We can do all types of editing to your video to ensure that you get the very best film transfer. We use our expert knowledge and experience to enhance and improve the original film to correct brightness, contrast and apply black and white film and colour film correction as necessary.

Can you create active animation DVD chapters like I would get with DVD movies?

Yes we can create your DVD to have animated menus.
You will get a menu with background and video thumbnails of your film playing independently.
We think this looks fantastic and finishes the transfer process very nicely.
Why not consider having some of your favourite music soundtracks playing throughout this duration.

Can you add text titles and fade in and fade out scenes?

We apply lots of different editing techniques to your finished DVD.
Why not have some personal text of your choice at the start or end of your film that corresponds with each film independently before playback.
See our video samples for an example of this.

Can you add background music to play throughout the duration of my film?

Yes we can.
If your films are silent films, why not consider having some music of your choice added to play alongside the movie.
This could be a piece of music that is special to you or something that corresponds with the film. Its your choice.
We have access to a vast music library of official copyrighted music and we haven’t yet been unable to satisfy a particular request.
If your Cine Films already have their own soundtrack, using our state of the art sound system, we can also transfer the film soundtrack alongside with the film.

Can you add text to the surface of my DVD?

We have especially selected the highest quality DVDs to ensure that your films are safely stored, but also that it has a printable surface, so that at your request, we can add the text of your choice to the actual DVD itself. This could be a simply Happy Birthday message, or it could catalogue the content of the disc, just let us know what you would like or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Can you create the jacket or sleeve for the DVD cover?

Using our DVD cover software we can create the jacket or sleeve to meet your requirements.
Whether its a simple message or catalogue information on the contents of the disc, we can satisfy your requirements.
We also have access to a number of different type of DVD cases, so whether its a single case or a multi-DVD case, we can help.

Editing Cine Film
Editing Cine Film
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Editing Cine Film

Animated menus

What your DVDs will look like

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We can transfer the digital video files to USB memory stick, external hard disk or DVD in the format you require. We can also create DVD chapters and menus with background music according to your specific requirements.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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