What our clients say


Stephen Addison

“Hi Simon
I would like to say again to you a big thank you for sorting my 8mm Cine film out and transferring it to Digital.
I have spoken to my Mother and she is looking forward and my Sister to seeing these films as they are also of them in there younger days of the 1960s and 1970s.
I have watched all of them and I’m so glad I’ve got them transferred to Digital.
I will be keeping my eye out for anyone I know who has some 8mm Cine films and want them to be transferred to DVD or for Computer use and pass your details on, because if I was to rate you out of 10 and 10 being Fantastic
I would give you 100%.
Thank you again.”


“Hi Simon,
Just wanted to send a little note to say thank you so much for you work transferring the cine film reels – turns out it had exactly what I hoped it would; clips from my mum and dad’s wedding! It had a LOT of random stuff to – I’m going to kill my dad for taking so much footage of ducks and aeroplanes! Anyway, really appreciated the fact that you were so flexible and did such a great job, I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know.”


”Hello Simon I got the films and disc this morning they’re great, I’ll be sending the next 5 to you at the end of next week along with a proper letter of appreciation.”


“I just wanted to let you know that the quality of the 16mm Film transferred film is excellent. It looks wonderful”.


“Dear Simon. Thank you so much for my DVD. To see those images again after all these years has been such a wonderful experience and the memories they have stirred just magical.Absolutely Priceless.”


“Hi Simon. Many Thanks film arrived today. Once again well done, 1st class service.”

Rachel Mackay

“Dear Simon, Thank you so much, I am delighted with DVD you made of the 3 films I sent you. I had no idea what was on them but having watched the DVD when I received it today I think one of the films must have been over 50 years old and the others 35+. I am amazed by the results and am so glad I sent them to you. They bring back lots of memories.”

“Dear The Cine Film Factory Team, We would like to thank you for your professional, friendly approach to business. We would definitely recommend your services. We look forward to receiving our Films & Thanks Again.”

Peter Thornton

“Dear The Cine Film Factory Team. Very pleased with the result you got from my 8mm films. They were very old and what a rubbish cameraman I was back then. Like to think I have improved somewhat since then. Excellent job could not have asked for more. Now saving pennies for next batch!!!!!”


“Dear Simon. Disks arrived today. Have had a quick look at some of them and they are fantastic, just what I wanted. Thank you for your hard work.”

Mr & Mrs Taylor

“Hello. Just received the DVD etc and are absolutely over the moon with the results. Both my wife and I are delighted and have gone back to the future and thank you very much for so much for the resurrection of wonderful and forgotten memories for us both”

Bill and Mary

“Dear The Cine Film Factory. Many Thanks for your prompt service, we received our films plus the DVD on the 18/07/2011 as per your conformation Email. We are extremely pleased with every aspect of the service you provided and can honestly say that this has never happened before. You explained the how, the when and why and did exactly that. We have reviewed the MPEGs and are delighted with the results. So Many Thanks for your services and will strongly recommend you to all of our friends who may want similar services.”


“Dear The Cine Film Factory. I would like to thank you for the transfer you made of my 8mm cine film. I had not seen the contents for about 20 years, and I don’t think my children have ever seen it, so it will be a surprise for them.”

Stephen Johnston

“Hi to all at the Cine Film Factory. A big thank you for a great job on my films. They arrived this morning and I must say that I am delighted with them! I always believe in the old saying…..You get what you pay for….and I got 1st class service. Have watched it twice and I know that my wife will be pleased with it in July. Superb job, Thank you!!!!”

Mat Francis

“Dear The cine Film Factory. Sorry, I should’ve emailed sooner but thought I’d better let you know I have received my original films and digital transfers and am very happy with them all (delivered Friday). The quality is as good as could possibly have been expected from 8mm home movies ranging from 26 to 39 years old, so no complaints there. Also the turnaround time was very impressive and I’d certainly recommend your services and use you again myself should the need arise.
Thanks again.”


“Hi there. Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a quick turnaround! My package arrived on Saturday and I’m really pleased with the results, I really appreciate you taking out the under exposed parts for the DVD (I don’t think my cousin would be impressed that half his wedding video was black!) and what did come out looks great, super 8 just looks so charming doesn’t it? It was a bit of an experiment and a really good lesson on what super 8 can do- in future I will only film outside on bright days and not try and trick the camera into doing something it can’t do! I will definitely use you guys again in future and spread the word on your service.”


“Hi The Cine Film Factory. Just to let you know the DVD and Cine Film arrived this afternoon. Thank you for the fast delivery and fantastic service.”

Steve Gee

“Dear The Cine Film Factory.Apologies I should have come back and let you know I had received them and all are excellent. I initially thought there would be over 50 films but this turned into 40 – so unless I find anymore I think that will be it for now. I know I still had one to process in the camera but I can not find the camera so, as the deadline for processing these types of film has now passed – I will never know what was on it. Can I thank you for such an excellent and professional service and I will recommend you to anyone I come across who needs to transfer film to more up to date media,
Thank you once again.”

John Hennesey

“Just to say a MASSIVE thank you for the quality of what you produced for us. Thanks Simon”

Lynne Dennis

“Hi Simon. Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the films back. I’m really pleased with the DVD Thanks. We will be in touch over the next few months regarding other cine films that I need transferring.”

Bob Tiller

“Hi Simon. Well got it about 2 hours ago and already watch the DVD (unable to stop once started). First of all many thanks for the rush job, the family will love it. It is absolutely brilliant and loads of memories come flooding back. I have two more lots to do if you are able but I will giver you a ring soon. Once again THANKS.”

Mrs Daniels

“Hello Simon. Thank you, it arrived this morning, I am so very pleased with the work you have done converting the film to DVD, and allowing for the age of the film (nearly 60 years in some cases) the results are excellent. I will certainly be in touch again in the near future as I have just found another couple of reels of film.”

Gillian Smith

“Hi Simon. I am absolutely delighted with the work you have done on the transfer of my dads old cine film to DVD. Watched it last night. It is brilliant to see it all and know he will be over the moon – hard to keep it from him but he will get the discs on Wednesday. Your service was absolutely efficient and much more personal compared to the others I looked at before deciding on yours. Also cheaper!! I would definitely recommend you to others. Many thanks and kindest regards.”


“Dear Simon. Many thanks for the DVD and very happy with the outcome and the excellent service. I’d seen the films projected so I know that the focus was all out on one anyway. It’s for my mum (the young lady in the spotty dress on the QE2!) who will be delighted I’m sure.”


“Hi Simon I have just received my film and DVD back this morning. Thank you very much for doing this so quickly for me.
As a customer I would to mention that I have found you courteous, information and processed the DVD very quickly indeed. In short an impressive service. I wish you a happy Christmas and all the success you deserve.”


“Hi Simon. It is Jorge here. I am sorry to respond to you so late, but I have to thank you for the excellent and professional work that you were able to carry out with the 8 mm cine films. My family will go nuts when they get to see these videos this coming Christmas. I specially was amazed by them. Thank you again and thank you from saving me the hustle of doing the whole thing myself and wasting a large sum of money in the process.Kindest regards and wish a lovely & amazing Christmas and a happy new years 2009/2010.”

Mrs Ponce

“Hi Simon I can’t stop crying…Two of my grandparents who are now dead were there holding me, kissing me… It’s all so 70’s… My dad with hairy sideburns and no grey hairs… My mum so beautiful and young…Yes, it was really shocking but I loved it. You Are a Superstar. Many thanks”


“Hi Simon, the two DVDs arrived today; there will be a lot of surprised faces on Christmas day. I am sending the other DVD to my cousins tomorrow, once again, many thanks again for your companies exemplarily service.”


“Dear Simon, The package arrived safe and sound. I’ve watched a couple already and They are hilarious! I will transfer shortly onto editing software. Thank you for your excellent service. Best wishes.”


“Hi Simon. Received DVD today, it’s just great, thanks so much! Having fun looking back on all our yesterdays! Will be in touch again soon!”


“Hello Simon. We were delighted to receive the latest episode in the family saga so thank you for your efforts The quality of the last DVD was much improved fortunately and Christina was more than delighted with the results – who said nostalgia isn’t what it used to be?.. I hope everything is going well with you and ‘Treasured Memories’ and it isn’t interfering too much with your fishing!”

Ken Duerden

“Hi Simon. Many thanks for transferring my 8mm films to my hard drive for me. It’s a very painless service your offering and one I will be happy to recommend. I have just watched the films and you have done a great job. I hope the subject matter was not too distasteful, I had forgotten that my friends and I had made such blood thirsty films back in our youth. Many thanks for your help.”

John Weir

“Hi Simon. Just a short note to let you know that I received the films and DVDs yesterday we watched them last night and they were great many thanks. I have passed on your details to other people who require cine transfer thanks again. Kind Regards. PS, My sister will be over the moon”

Brian Watt

“Hi Simon, Wow!!! This has been a fantastic start. The other films are still in Scotland and will need quite a bit of review before they can emerge as anything sensible. The Part 1 result is tremendous and we will work on the music. I will be ordering 20 copies for friend & family as soon as we have the music and any other titles agreed and incorporated. The result is so much better than I was expecting. Thank you for a great job on some priceless film for our family archives! Kind regards.”

“Dear Simon. I cannot thank you enough for the DVD’s, which arrived well packed and in quick time, with friendly personal courtesy call. Preserved forever my childhood memories brought back to life in such great quality. Will be in touch as soon as I get the other 50+ reels of film! Ebay user – Samantha- only-99p”


“Dear Simon. Just to say a big THANK YOU for all the transfer works on the films. We are very pleased with the outcome, I now understand that there may be some large reels lurking around the families attics which I am now trying to obtain to send to you. With Thanks again.”

Jahed Mortuza

“Hi Simon. Sorry for the late reply, but I have only just today managed to try the DVD’s. The results are excellent and far better than I was expecting, you really have done a remarkable job of transferring the footage, and completed it in a very short space of time. Thank you very much for that, as I am now relieved that I have a secure version of the old family footage, and don’t need to worry about it deteriorating. It has also been a pleasure dealing with you & you company, and I will most certainly be recommending you to all of my friends and associates, as well as looking forward to dealing with you myself in the near future. Kind regards, and thanks once again.”

Lee Ceurvels

“Dear Simon. I would just like to say thank you for transferring my films to DVD. The memories it brought back were delightful, and will I’m be a true conversation piece. In closing I would be more than willing to recommend TREASURED MEMORIES, who provided an excellent service. Yours Faithfully.”


“Hi Simon. I must say you have done a brilliant job, I cant thank you enough for the effort you have put in making my cine films very memorial, also ensuring I did eventually receive my items. That reassurance and communication all along is a credit to you and if anything, a good recommendation for me to pass on to others with not only the good work you have done but the customer satisfaction and care that you gave. Thanks again Simon, it’s lovely.”

Mr Carl Moore

“Thanks Simon. I’ve had a look at my 8mm Cine Films you transferred to DVD for me, and I am pleased. Ill forward your address to my Friends & Family so they can get in touch with you to do some more.”


“Hi Simon. Sorry for not coming back to you sooner but I would just like to pass on a big thank you for the work you did on the films. I met with the family on Saturday evening and presented them with the discs and I have had nothing but fantastic feedback since. Many thanks again for the superb job and if I hear of anyone wanting a similar service I will be sure to pass on your information. Regards Peter Beckett Received this morning Simon. Many thanks for your excellent service.”


“Hi Simon. Thanks very much for transferring my cine film to DVD. I wasn’t in Friday when they tried delivering it but I picked it up from the post office yesterday and watched it as soon as I got it home. It brought back a lot of old memories. Thanks a lot!”

“Hi Simon. I received my 8mm films and DVDs yesterday, very impressed thanks a lot well worth doing it, my old man and old girl were over the moon seeing their films bringing back a lot of memories for them. Ill save u as seller for future things. Thanks again. And I recommend you to all my friends.”

Mrs O`Farrell

“Simon. Thank you for the speedy return of the Cine film and the DVD’s. We sat and watched them last night and had a great laugh and reminisced about family. I am so grateful for your speedy service and for the improvements to the lighting. It is also reassuring to have spoken to you along the process to ensure the safe arrival and departure of the film. Thanks again, and I will be sending you some more at Christmas time.”

Mr Herbert

“Dear Simon. Just to let you know that the cine films arrived safe and sound. We were very pleased with the results. Thank you. We also have some others we would like to have those transferred onto DVD.”

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